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The List of all Vacation Work Books.

Accounting Jobs Worldwide - A Directory of International Opportunities


Buying a House in France - From Normandy to The Côte d'Azur -

Buying a House in Italy - from the Alps to Sicily - where and how to do it.

Buying a House in Portugal

Buying a House in Spain - From The Pyrenees to The Mediterranean -

Buying a House on the Mediterranean

DRIVE USA. A Road Travellers Survival Kit

Gap Years for Grown Ups

Green Volunteers

Health Professionals Abroad

Internships USA 2005

Kibbutz Volunteer

Live & Work Abroad - a Guide for Modern Nomads

Live & Work in Australia & New Zealand

Live & Work in Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg

Live & Work in France

Live & Work in Germany

Live & Work in Italy

Live & Work in Japan

Live & Work in Russia & Eastern Europe

Live & Work In Saudi & The Gulf

Live & Work in Scandinavia

Live & Work in Scotland

Live & Work in Spain & Portugal

Live & Work in The USA & Canada

Live and Work in China (includes Hong Kong)

Live and Work in Ireland

Scottish Islands Book 1 - Skye and the Western Isles

Scottish Islands Book 2 - Orkney & Shetland

Starting a Business in France

Starting a Business in Spain

Summer Jobs Abroad 2005

Summer Jobs in Britain 2005

Summer Jobs in the USA 2004/2005

Taking a Career Break

Taking a Gap Year

Teaching English Abroad

The Au Pair & Nanny's Guide to Working Abroad

The Directory of Jobs and Careers Abroad

The Directory of Work and Study in Developing Countries

The Good Cook's Guide to Working Worldwide

The International Directory of Voluntary Work

The Panamericana: On the Road through Mexico and Central America

Travellers Survival Kit Australia & New Zealand

Travellers Survival Kit Cuba

Travellers Survival Kit Eastern Europe

Travellers Survival Kit India

Travellers Survival Kit Lebanon

Travellers Survival Kit Madagascar and Comoros

Travellers Survival Kit Mauritius, Seychelles and Reunion

Travellers Survival Kit Mozambique

Travellers Survival Kit Oman & the Arabian Gulf

Travellers Survival Kit Russia & The Republics

Travellers Survival Kit South Africa

Travellers Survival Kit South America

Travellers Survival Kit Sri Lanka

Travellers Survival Kit USA & Canada

Work Your Way Around the World

Workabout Australia

Working in Aviation

Working in Ski Resorts: Europe and North America

Working in Tourism: The UK, Europe & Beyond

Working on Cruise Ships

Working on Yachts and Superyachts

Working with Animals - UK, Europe and Worldwide

Working with the Environment

World Volunteers

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Zoe Willis from Scotland

"So I worked at the goat farm for two months, fed them, milked them and chased them. It was the first time I had travelled alone and worked abroad, but definitely not the last. I met loads of people and will never forget the experience."