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Vacation Work don't choose their authors lightly! From dodgy hotel rooms to travelling the globe on cruise ships, they are an experienced bunch.

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Over the past thirty years Vacation Work has built up an unsurpassed range of books for all those looking for short or long term work overseas, including the definitive series of annual guides to Summer Jobs in Britain, Abroad and the USA and the unrivalled Work Your Way Around the World.

Charles James is the founder of Vacation Work and the instigator of most of its books. Vacation Work started in Oxford in 1967 and since then has helped thousands of adventurers find jobs and careers around the world.


readers comments

Micheal J. Dodd from Los Angeles

"Please rest assured that I'll always continue to recommend your book in the highest manner. I'll never forget the day that I first came across your book in a bookstore in Glendale, CA a few years ago. It changed my life."